Websites: where words, pixels and code come together

This website invites its visitors to contemplate the merits of designing websites well. It provides examples of sites built well that perform well, that get indexed consistently well by search engines - yet are built economically.

If you want a website squeezed out of a template tube like so much industrial goo, this isn't the place for you. What goes on here is all about caring. It's also hard-nosed: in these pages you'll find opinions based upon an experience of what works. In my experience, it works because care has been taken to get it right.

If this interests you enough to ask me to design a website for your business, so much the better. Please get in touch with me!

Carefully-designed websites

words, pixels and codewords, pixels and code

A finished website occupies an intersection of converging interests: the client, the content or product, the designer, the rules of the code, the demographics of the likely users, the algorithms of the search engines, the limits of bandwidth and the possibilities and restrictions of the users' screens. Getting this convergence right is a multi-disciplinary process, requiring care!

With luck, you'll find something of interest to you in some of the resources on this website. Enjoy your visit!